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Leif retains rights over the continued commercial use, publication, and production of the image, under the condition that the image is never attached to a storyline or character concept. This will retain the integrity of your unique character, as your character, while still allowing Leif to use the image he has created to contribute to the aesthetic of any publication he submits to.

Given the sheer volume of artistic product he is responsible for creating at any given time, Leif's production time for a piece is roughly 30 days from confirmation of payment. This fluctuates based on influx of commissions at any given time.

Leif will create a single image based on what he will presume to be a thorough and well-considered description of the characters in the piece. He may or may not present mid-render drafts to confirm approval. In any case, he does not re-draw or make changes to a completed piece free of charge: All edits will be done at a cost, fluctuating based on the intensity and scale of the rework.

For an estimate, please contact Leif!

Thank you so much for your patronage, and have an epic day!

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